The upper Myakka River is a gently flowing shallow stream with some deep holes.  Downed trees and vegetation are the primary cover.  This is a fly fisherman’s paradise, particularly for bluegill and other panfish.  Largemouth bass are plentiful, and although most of them are small, they are great fun on the ultra-light tackle that I use.  Foam spiders, poppers, and tiny bait fish patterns are all productive.  Anglers who prefer spinning tackle do well casting small jigs, plugs, and spinnerbaits.
This is an excellent situation for a novice fly fisherman.  Short, easy casts are the norm.  What the fish lack in size they make up for in numbers and tenacity!  Scrappy bluegill and bass will put up a fine tussle on 3-weight and 4-weight rods.  Fly selection is pretty basic.  I like to start out with a surface fly such as a black foam spider or small popper on a #8 hook.  Bass will attack a surface fly while bluegill and other panfish will gently inhale one.  If they won’t rise to a bug, I switch to a sub-surface bait fish pattern like the Myakka Minnow or a tiny Deceiver.

Small black Beetlespins are mt "go to" baits for bluegill and panfish on the Myakka River.  A 1/16 ounce jig with a chartreuse curly tail grub will catch bass, bluegill, tilapia, and even catfish.  A tiny gold Rapala is deadly on bass and will catch some large bluegill as well. Larger bass as well as tilapia, catfish, and gar will test your skill on the 4lb and 6lb spinning outfits.  Live worms can use fished on the bottom to catch catfish, panfish, and tilapia.  Both novice and seasoned anglers will enjoy the incredible natural beauty and serenity that the Upper Myakka River offers.

Trips are run out of my 10’ “bass boat”.  It is very stable and comfortable, and it floats in a couple of inches of water.
I operate the boat from the stern, allowing the angler in the bow to relax and concentrate on the fishing and enjoy the scenery.  A Florida freshwater fishing license is required.

Cost of trip:  $300 for 1 angler for 6 hours of fishing, lunch provided.
Call Captain Jim Klopfer 941-371-1390
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