The Myakka River takes on a different personality below the dam south of Lower Myakka Lake.  This is brackish water and is influenced by the tides.  Snook and largemouth bass are the primary targets, though redfish, jack crevelle, and juvenile tarpon will also migrate up the river each fall seeking warmer temperatures and forage.  The best fishing is in the cooler months, from October through February.  The water level is low this time of year, which concentrates both bass and snook.  Opportunities to catch Florida's two most popular gamefish; snook and bass, make the Lower Myakka River a unique angling experience!

Fallen timber is abundant in this portion of the Myakka River.  Heavier tackle is required as there is always the chance to hook a large fish.  I provide both spinning and conventional outfits spooled with braided line.  Experienced bass fishermen will enjoy the challenge of presenting their baits in this type of cover.  Anglers have a legitimate chance to catch a ten pound snook or five pound bass on any cast.  Rapala plugs, soft plastic baits, and spinnerbaits are my favorite lures.  The Rapalas are effective for covering a lot of water and are deadly on both bass and snook.  The soft plastic baits are used when fish are located and the area needs to be worked thoroughly.  Spinnerbaits are very effective, easy to use, and relatively weedless.

Fly anglers will use a 9-weight rod with an intermediate sink-tip line.  Clouser Minnows, Crystal shrimp, and Myakka Minnows tied on a #4 hook are the most productive patterns.  Gold and chartreuse are two excellent colors to use in the tannin stained water.  White is a proven color when targeting snook.  There will be opportunities to cast to fish busting baits on the surface, a fly fisherman’s dream scenario!

Anglers looking for a few fish for dinner need only fish a live nightcrawler on the bottom in one of the many deep holes.  White catfish, channel catfish, bream, and tilapia are very reliable, great sport on ulta light tackle, and are delicious!

I use my 2012 14' Alumacraft boat for fishing this portion of the river.  The shallow draft and comfortable seating make it an enjoyable and practical boat to fish out of.  The entire river is a slow speed zone, so the trip will still be a quiet and peaceful experience.

Cost of trip: $350 for 6 hours of fishing, 1-2 anglers.

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